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Anyone who knows me should not be surprised to hear the following statement: I freaking love Sonic Youth. They are probably my favorite band after Eric's Trip, who named themselves after a Sonic Youth song. I took a page from Eric's Trip and named my shop/blog after a Sonic Youth song too. I rest my case.

I think one of the reasons I love Sonic Youth so much is because of their epic bassist/vocalist, Kim Gordon. Kim was one of the first "cool girl musicians" that I really looked up to. She's a huge inspiration to me and definitely could be considered one of my all-time personal heroes. Thus, I thought it would be totes appropriate to devote a Style Icon post to her! Plus, did you know that Kim has started several of her own clothing lines including X-Girl in the mid 90s, Surface to Air in 2008 and Mirror/Dash for Urban Outfitters in 2009.

Me and KG in 2011. Horrible photo of me but, check out my tough Belle tat!!

Below are some of my favorite Kim fashion statements and ways that you can get her look!

The Black and White Stripped Mini: Whenever I think of Kim Gordon's fashion choices, I always think of her in a black and white stripped mini dress probably because she wore on in the 90s a lot!). A dress like this is definitely a classic wardrobe staple and below are some links to ones that I found on the 'net. The one on the right is sequined (!!) too, which I feel Kim would be totes into.
from left: via Penelope Meatloaf,  via MaeValentine

The Cool-Ass Graphic Tee: 90s Kim always seemed to be wearing the best shirts with some type of fun image or message on them. Pick one with your favorite band logo or a cool throwback to a 80s or 90s tv show! Below are some that I really like.... including a modern-day recreation of Kim's "Girls Invented Punk Rock Not England" Shirt... obsessed!
From left: via BohemianSeed, via BabydollAtelier, via OnceVamped 

The Black Choker: A girl has obvs got to accessorize and as you can see from the above picture and also some of the other pictures of Kim here, she loves her black choker. And I totally agree! It's a great way to add a little extra pizzazz to your look!
from left: via ImYourPresent,via eorostyle

The Flip Top Glasses: I'm sorry, but no post on Kim Gordon's style would be complete without mention of the flip top glasses that she sported back in the 80s! Kim has totally inspired me to get my flip on and I urge you to do the same! How can you deny how cool she looks in that pic? Penelope Meatloaf is selling some rad flip-top sunnies in a variety of colors.. so perfect for Spring! (PS. you can get a skull and crossbones guitar strap like her's here. PPS. oh hai thur Thurston)

Do you have a favorite Kim Gordon style moment? Let me know in the commments! And stay tuned to the shop because tons of vintage items will be added all week long!  
- Mariel 

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