Prabal Gurung For Target

I am having the best weekend!! Yesterday was all kinds of goodness: practically 80 degrees and sunny, time spent outside with friends, saw Mac Demarco in a field and then later Audacity and The Coathangers -- really what more could you ask for? My Friday night was really fun too; spent a good chunk of it dancing in a friend's kitchen where we listened to Echo by R. Kelly literally 5 times. Can't beat it. Now it's Sunday and I'm off to the gym in a bit and perhaps to do some thrifting/antiquing heh.

Let's talk about this outfit though which was one from earlier this week. I'm not super crazy about the way some of these pictures turned out... I think it's the colorblocking of my dress, socks and shoes that's turning me off. Or perhaps the fact that I making some weird squinty faces, but alas what can you do? I am crazy about this dress, though! It's Prabal Gurung for Target via half-off day at Goodwill so it only ended up costing $3. I usually tend to only buy vintage items at the thrift so that way I can sell 'em when I enviably get tired of them, but I loved (and still love) this collection when it came out so I jumped at the chance to snatch up the dress. It's a size or two too big for me, but all good -- the bright, Springy floral print outweighed that in my mind. Perhaps next time I'll try belting it like the girl in the look book did.

The shoes are from Macy's and are a very rare example of me buying something from a department store and not the thrift / vintage stores. I was at the mall the other week and was like "oh, I'll just stroll through the shoe department and see what they have" all casual and innocent because I really did not intend to buy anything. I swear!! They had some pretty cute sandals and stuff and then I went over to the sale section thinking I could maybe check out the boots or something, but then I saw these bad boys. Blue suede??? ughghh. I looked at the price and they were crazy, crazy marked down: only $13 down from like $60....why yes, I am the best bargain shopper, thank you. You'll soon find out that shoes are one of my biggest weaknesses (although I've been really into bags lately too), so I really stood no match against these. I don't have anything else like them though and I think they'll be great for Spring. Really quite comfy for a heel too! Plus I am getting some Rachel Comey vibes from them, which is always a very good thing. 

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