Off The Shoulder

In looking at these photos, I'm thinking that I look somewhat like a strange style mutt with dashes of Jackie O (sunglasses), Brenda Walsh (fluttery, floral 90s dress) and Zenon (metallic shoes) all thrown together to make up this outfit. Three very different ladies, yes, but all excellent in their own ways and all women that I would certainly call style icons. It's always so interesting to me how my own style pulls from many distinctly different sources and decades (70s, early 90s and Y2K here for example), and yet it all comes together to create one cohesive look...I guess that is the beauty of personal style in 2015.

Been really enjoying having some downtime this weekend as this past week was soo hectic! Pretty much every night I had some type of errand/appointment/plan after work or was just at work really late, so I have been all too pleased to just sit on my bed like a (cute) bump on a log. Kidding, sorta. While I have been doing plenty of relaxing this weekend, I've gotten out a bit too. On Friday night I went to the Red Sox game with my Sister, Meredith, which was fun. A poor woman got hit with part of a baseball bat and Meredith and I got interviewed for the news about it! We didn't actually make the newscast though. Most likely because we didn't actually see anything and pretty much BS'd the answers to the news anchor's questions. And I suppose a woman who also got hit with part of the bat was a much better source than we were. Sigh.

Also did a bit of thrifting yesterday at my favorite Goodwill, which is where I acquired these kick ass Bowie-esque metallic boots that still had the original sticker on them! They probably aren't the most practical footwear choice, but for a cool $8 I couldn't say no. They are by Dolce Vita and a quick Google search tells me they were originally sold at Urban Outfitters. Not sure what the retail price was but I'm sure it was more than $8! For the height, they are actually surprising comfy and easy to walk in (read: only fell twice in them). Thinking I might bring them with me on my trip to New York next weekend!

Lastly, did ya notice the new look here on Dripping Dream? Decided that after 2+ years it was time to give this old girl a facelift and I think she's looking pretty darn good! Although for the life of me, I cannot figure out how to decrease the amount of white space surrounding the header and get everything to move up a bit. SOS? Help anyone?

Dress, Sunglasses: vintage / thrifted
Shoes: Dolce Vita / thrifted

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