Summer Camp

Earlier today I was listening to the band Summer Camp and then was looking through their album covers and was really struck by how much I love the aesthetic of their early singles and EPs. There is something so romantic about the stock images from the '60s,'70s and '80s they use-they remind of old pictures of my parents when they were younger!

Pictures via Discogs

So I was looking at these covers and started coming up with so much outfit inspiration of looks I could wear with pieces I already own! Namely bell bottoms, bell sleeves, floral crop tops and maxi skirts and wooden clogs. Hopefully you will find some inspiration too!

Here are some new things that have been added to the shop lately!
(click the link under the picture to shop the item)

I also have sooo much more vintage to add! I've been thrifting like crazy and have found some really, really good items!! Velvet, peter pan collars, 90s florals, lace, 70s mini dresses and more! I'm hoping to photograph it all this weekend so hopefully you will see more new stuff then! :)


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