Lick Me, All Of You

I realized that my shorts + sneakers + 70s top are giving me major, major Darla Marks from Dazed & Confused vibes. If you haven't seen the movie before I would highly recommend it -- one of my all-time favorites! It's about a bunch of teenagers in 1976 on their last day of high school and Darla is the head cheerleader. Naturally, she's the baddest bitch on the block and despite her total nastiness I love her anyways. She's played by Parker Posey who looks damn good in cut offs and sneakers.

Darla (far right) and the rest of the Senior girls
Anywayysss, it's like 80 degrees and humid here today. I was too hot in this shirt. Xoxoxo love you 70s polyester. This one was one of my first in what is now a very large collection of groov-tastic 70s polyester tops. I often consider selling it, but it somehow always sticks with me. I must say the print is pretty funky and fun. It was thrifted from a Goodwill in Florida, which was a goldmine for vintage shirts. I imagine this is because of all the older people that retire there and then say "Good riddance with all my old clothing. I must downsize!!!" And then crazy girls like myself who think that looking like Laurie Partridge's bff is a desirable aesthetic snatch them up and wander off into the sunset in a state of utmost printed polyester happiness.

So yeah, it was really hot today and shorts were pretty much the only thing I could bear to wear with the weather. These duders are thrifted, but originally from Gap. The heat and humidity is making it hard for me to come up with things to wear. There's a high probability that I'll wear these shorts again tomorrow. Is that bad? :/ I also had envisioned wearing boots with this outfit but again, too hot, so I went for these thrifted Nike sneakers instead. I'm really not the biggest sneaker person in the world, but I've been digging these as of late. Nike does this cool thing where they date stamp the inside tag of the shoes, which obviously I love since I love knowing when all my thrifted stuff is actually from. These are from 2000, so not quite "vintage" but still 14 years old! These shoes are teenagers, you guys! They're the same age as Mary-Kate and Ashley were when "Our Lips Are Sealed" came out!

I also added these daisy clips to my hair because I slept on one of my "bangs" (aka the shorter pieces that hang on either side of my head) funny and it had a weird wave going on and therefore I needed to show it who was boss and pin it back. Here's a secret, though! The daisy clips are not really hairclips, but actually clip on earrings!! There's your DIY tip for the week: repurpose clip on earrings as hair clips. Easy. I think they actually looked pretty cute. The only annoying thing was pieces of my hair kept getting stuck on them and then when I finally got the earring free there'd be a huge chunk of hair still attached to it. Whoops.

Final note. I feel like the lighting in these photos isn't the greatest and they're a bit blurrier than I would have liked. Sorry. I had like 10 minutes to take them before I had to go to work. It was a valiant effort and wanted to post them anyways,

Final note, for real. Pink from Dazed & Confused = my ultimate crush forever and always. What a babe <3

"I like the guys at the junior college"

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