Tori Richard: 1970s Hawaiian Goodness

Dress: Vintage Tori Richard
Shoes: Kork-Ease

So here I am in my absolute favorite new dress. A perfect piece of polyester perfection if you will. I wore this to go see How To Dress Well last night (sooooo. good.) and actually had an entirely different outfit planned out, but then my Dad's girlfriend, Lisa, said she had a present for me and surprised me with dress! Thanks, Lisa! You know me too well. It's the best isn't it?  It's made of that undeniably 1970s polyester material that I love (#sorrynotsorry). It fits like a dream too and I can't help but feel all sorts of hippie dippie vibes when I put it on. Lisa said that she wanted me to chop it into a mini, which would probably be cute, but I'm hesitant to mess with it. I'm sorta in love with it just as it is and think it deserves to be worn loud and proud in its original state.

The tag reads "Tori Richard Honolulu", which still exists as a brand today! According to Wikipedia, Tori Richard was one of the top fashion exporters from Hawaii in the late 60s & 70s. Hawaiian clothing and inspired styles were super popular at the time because jet travel had just been introduced there as it only became a state in 1959 so everybody wanted to get in on those tropicalia vibes. I wonder who owned this dress originally? Maybe some cool Bostonian lady who picked it up on a Hawaiian vacation!

I did a little digging and found some rad Tori Richard advertisements that I couldn't help but share. I love that vintage clothing has the ability to be a bit of a history lesson. There are also a ton of cool vintage Tori Richard items on Etsy if you're so inclined to take a gander.

Have you ever come across any Tori Richard in your thrifting adventures?

Tori Ad's from 1972 (credit)

Cheryl Tiegs shot by Helmut Newton wearing Tori 1973 (credit)
Tori Richard Vogue Ad 1969 (credit)

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  1. Wow! The print on that dress is great!


    1. Thank you Chrissi! I love your blog and shop! xx