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I've been pretty into Liz Phair lately, so I thought I'd do a post about her music and outfits.  I feel like Liz is unjustly known solely for "Why Can't I?", her 2003 mini-pop hit, which was featured in pretty much every ~*chickflick*~ that came out around that time (ie: 13 Going On 30, Win A Date With Tad Hamilton, etc). Not trying to knock that song by any means because it's a fantastic song, but any true Liz Phair fan knows she is so much more than that.

Flash back 10 years prior and Liz was releasing her debut record, Exile In Guyville: her response to The Rolling Stones' Exile On Main Street. The record is raw, emotional and a real commentary on relationships and breakups that still sounds totally relevant today! Not going to lie, Exile In Guyville is my go-to record any time I have boy trouble and to all my ladies out there, if you haven't heard Exile In Guyville before, you should get on that ASAP.

Here's Liz playing a song from that record, "Fuck and Run", live in 1995:

So we've established that Liz was making badass music in the 90s, but she also was rocking some badass outfits!

Here Ms. Phair looking hot in a Rolling Stone feature from 1994. Very simple looks, but still totally easy to rock! To get this look all you need is a sparkly and strappy little dress. Just add some messy hair and you're good to go! Simple, easy and still fabulous!

Here's Liz once again looking simple, but still totally cute in an all black outfit with some chunky, platform boots to give the outfit some added punch! I love this look as well and once again, it's totally easy to recreate from pieces that you probably already have in your closet!

Let's talk about this one, shall we? Liz is totally pulling off that "hot girl next door who doesn't even look like she's trying" look. Cropped graphic tee plus shiny mini? I love.

Ok, saved this one for last since this is probably my favorite Liz look. Just look at her and try and tell me she's not an uber 90s babe! You can't deny it even if you try! And lucky for you, this look once again is totally easy to do as well. All you'll need are high-waisted jeans, a white tank top and a patterned cardigan/jacket to layer over it. This look is perfect for these cooler Fall days.

Here are some more awesome Liz pics to get your 90s fashion inspiration juice running:

And here are some suggestions to get you going on achieving the babelicious 90s Liz Phair look! 


Have a great Tuesday!! xo Mariel

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