Blogging Might Be Dead, But I Kinda Don't Care

Well, well. Here I am again. Geez, it's seems like how ever long of an absence I take from this blog, I always return back. Probably because I adore the freedom of expression that comes along with personal style, and I love blogging about it! 

Which brings me to my next point.... is style blogging dead? I mean I know it's not totally dead, but like sometimes it seems like the days of lots of regular seeming people posting their outfits (like the actual thing they wore that day) have gone out the window. So many of my favorite bloggers' pages now lay dormant, and a lot of what's left feels very samey and commercialized,  and for awhile I was thinking about starting to blog again but it kinda felt like there was no point. But! There definitely are some bloggers out there who are posting very good, quality stuff! Bloggers whose posts I legitimately look forward to reading, who are posting outfits that I want to copy, bloggers who remind me why I fell in love with style blogging in the first place! Those are the bloggers that keep me inspired.... and the bloggers that prompted me to post here again! I think in the coming weeks I plan to highlight some of my favorites.

Also everything I'm wearing is thrifted from Goodwill..... some things don't change!!

Dress: The Limited (thrifted)
Jacket: no tag (thrifted)
Boots: Ariat (thrifted) 

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