I'm Back!

Hi there! So you may have noticed that I've been the worst when it comes to this blog and the shop and have barely updated as of late! I have (somewhat) of a good reason though, in the last two months I moved halfway across the country from Boston to Bloomington, Indiana to start working for a great company! As I've been trying to settle in to my new town, new apartment, new job (new everything), I  just wasn't that inspired to blog or update the store. Plus I was totally mourning being separated from my favorite place to find vintage back home.

The view of Bloomington from my roof

Not surprisingly, though I started to miss the hunt of thrifting, my wardrobe felt super stale (I was literally wearing my favorite black circle mini skirt like 4 days a week), and overall was just feeling inspired by fashion in general. Which then of course affected how I felt about my appearance and so on and so forth. Luckily though, the vintage bug bit once again after I made an effort to start finding vintage here in Indiana and luckily if you hunt hard enough great vintage can be found anywhere. Soooo I'm feeling super good about this blog and the shop once again and have tons of ideas and clothes to share, so stay tuned. I'm planning on taking pictures of some of the new shop merchandise that I have later today too (read when I'm less hungover). In the meantime here are some pics from my time in Bloomington thus far and don't forget to follow Dripping Dream Vintage on Facebook and Instagram for the latest and greatest.

Amazing vintage shoes from AZ Vintage here in town

Selfies with Mom hay guuurl hay

So happy when my shoes arrived!

Lake Monroe! My work went for a boating trip here! It is beautiful!

The most purrrrfect shirt that I got for $1 at the Salv Army here... sorry cat lovers, I think I'm keeping this for myself!

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