Ok, so something weird has happened as of late. For the first time in my 22 years as a never-dyed, brunette earthling, I've been bitten with the desire to go blonde. Perhaps a sandy blonde? I think it all started when I saw former-brunette, Annie from XoVain/Into The Gloss, sporting a new light colored hair 'do and I was hooked on how dope it looked. Then Typhaine from Cuillere a absinthe went lighter and a chick I sorta have a girl crush on IRL went lighter, and needless to say I've now been all over those InStyle virtual makeover sites trying on blonde shades.

(Annie & Typhaine)

Totally compliments the bags under my eyes and my nightgown, no? 

Questionable as to whether I'll actually make the jump into blonder pastures -- I'm kinda scared to actually do it! What if I ruin my virgin hair? What if it looks like total shit etc etc. It's fun to think about though! Here are some flaxen haired ladies (and one chill dude) to admire in the meantime. (all images from my tumblr)

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