Omg a post. An outfit post nonetheless! I know this space has been sadly quiet for several months which is such a total and honest bummer. Back in January I dropped (and subsequently broke my computer) and therefore sorta put a temporary hold on any blogging/etsy related activities. Which was so unfortunate! I feel like my so-called vintage creative juices have been at an all-time high as of late so I've been itching to share on this space. However! Good news! Rejoyce! I finally have a new laptop! Welcome me back to the 21st century.

I also splurged on a new tripod when I was buying said computer so hopefully that will make taking pictures for this here blog much easier. My previous tripod was teensy, tiny so anytime I wanted to use it I essentially had to balance it on an ironing board and a stack of records in order to make it tall enough... super jenky and a total pain in the ass!

Anyways like I said I was itching to do some outfit pictures so here I am in an outfit that I literally just threw on to go to the grocery store. I was originally just going to make this a test post of sorts, but then I actually really liked the styling so I figured why not post 'em. I feel like that's somehow how the best outfits come together? Just thrown on and tweaked based on what's working and what's not. It's funny because I tend to plan out all my outfits way in advance and keep a running list of combinations that I'd like to wear out (anal much?) so it feels good to sometimes not do that.

Also here I am on my roof! I've got this great roof and I never take advantage of it so I think I'm going to make this my new photo spot. This pink leather jacket is relatively new and I adore it. I just got it a few weeks ago at my favorite vintage boutique here in town, Catcus Flower. It's a little big in the shoulder area and definitely not in the best condition but it was only $10! How could I resist that price plus the color and the big round buttons? I think this is going to be one of my favs for Spring. The jeans are H&M (best high-waisted jeans around) and the fox sweater is from Old Navy from last winter. This sweater is one of those items that I never really wear but I still think it's pretty cute so I've been trying to incorporate it more. The boots are thrifted from back in Boston and the sunnies are also from Cactus Flower. And the bag! I love this bag! I'm mean those Mary Quant-esque daisies?? So good. I found it here at Goodwill in Bloomington. There's no tag or anything, but I think it's probably 90s trying to do 70s.

Alright, that's all I've got. It feels really, really good to be back. Stay tuned to the shop as well because you know I've bought a boatload of vintage in these past three months :)

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