Short Shorts

Top: American Apparel (old)
Shorts, Boots: Thrifted
Bag: Vintage Etienne Aigner
Necklace: December Thieves

Hiya! It's Thursday, which is cool, for one because the weekend is just around the corner, and two because tomorrow is my birthday. Woohoo! I feel like mine totally snuck up on me this year!

These photos are from this weekend; this is what I wore to go see my friend's band (and a bunch of other bands) play a basement show. Thus, a pretty casual outfit here. The top is from American Apparel and one I've had for close to 5 years... one of those pieces that never seems to leave my wardrobe somehow and pretty much everything else is thrifted or vintage in some form.

I have also been really into amping up my jewelry collection as of late. All the sudden, I just want to adorn my neck and arms with interesting and unique items. Traditionally, I've never been the biggest jewelry person, but lately I'm really digging the look and I love experimenting with different necklace combos. It's a fun way to breathe some new life into an old outfit. I got the long copper necklace this weekend from a cute little boutique in the South End called December Thieves. It was a bit of a splurge for me, but I've worn it pretty much every day since so I think it was worth it.

There's also been quite a bit of chatter about Dana from Do The Hotpants posting her pre-photoshopped blog pictures, something that I think is brave, commendable and overall just wonderful. I was a little skiddish about posing in these shorts (they are super short!), and sometimes in general feel a bit awkward when posting pictures on here. I don't photoshop my pictures beyond fixing up any dark lighting, but you can bet that there are tons of outtakes where I think I look weird, bizarre, etc and therefore don't make it on to this space. I think that Dana's post is an important reminder that we should feel comfortable to share on these spaces and not to feel as though we need to change or alter ourselves -- easier said than done, of course! I'm not trying to turn this post into a spiel about body acceptance or whatnot, but just thought her post was very worthwhile and wanted to share.

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