Dream Skirt

This little brown suede mini skirt might be my favorite skirt that I own. I can't say no to a good mini and I have amassed quite the collection including some other suede ones, but this guy here really takes the cake. It's made of the nicest, buttery brown vintage suede and I love the super flared A-line shape. I had actually been looking for a skirt like this for the longest time.... it was one of those thrifting bucket list items, if you will. I found this one back in Indiana at this place called Vintage Vogue which is run by Goodwill but more expensive than a regular Goodwill and organized like a boutique. I had heard that Vintage Vogue was not really worth looking at, but one day I was walking by and figured I might as well just pop in to see what they had. And lo and behold there was this skirt -- on the half-off rack nonetheless. I think I only paid like 7 bucks for it. I swear, the thrifitng gods really spoil me sometimes. I have no idea what I do to deserve all these beautiful vintage items. Do you have anything on your thrifting bucket list? I think I've pretty much found everything I've really wanted!

The rest of this outfit isn't as exciting as the skirt. This blue and white button down I got at Marshalls or something with my Mom to wear on job interviews, but I've actually been incorporating it into my regular wardrobe a lot more than I thought I would. I like how it gives an outfit a structured, preppy vibe without being too overt about it. And the cardigan and boots are two wardrobe staples that have both made appearances on this blog countless times before!

Lately I have been making it a point to really take pride in how my bedroom looks and have been focused on decorating it with things that I love and make it really feel like my own space. For awhile I wasn't sure if I was going to be staying in my current apartment or moving, but I'm staying and two of my best girlfriends are going to be moving in with me next month. Yay! I still have some work to do on the room, but I am really happy with how it's coming along so I took a few snaps to share.

Some of my favorite hats on the wall. I need to get more hooks and add more!

Overstuffed closet.... you can never have enough sweaters when ya live in glorious New England!!

Pretty prints in my closet

My favorite sunglasses at the moment. All vintage, baby!

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