Lady Pirate

I took these pictures last Monday night after finishing work. The weather was really nice and I was itching to do something so I packed up the tripod and figured I'd do some outfit documentation for this here blog. I was planning on taking the pictures on my roof like usual, but when I got up there the door was locked, which was a big bummer! Probably due to some excessive partying from rowdy college kids or something. There's this really cool mural on a wall close by so that's where I took these guys. Couldn't resist this curvy lady pirate haha. 

As I mentioned above, I wore this outfit to work and then to go see Mark McGuire live, who was fantastic. I'm a huge fan of his new record 'Along The Way' and it was really cool / trippy to get to see all the songs in a live setting. A++ show all around. If you're into shimmery, spaced-out pysch ambience, check him out!

Everything in this outfit (besides the necklace!) is vintage and/or thrifted -- which is my preferred way of life, of course. The striped shirt is vintage from the 80s and came from a Salvo in Tampa, Florida. Jeans are vintage Lee's were thrifted back in Boston. The bag and boots were both thrifted here in Bloomington pretty recently.  

And then there's the coat... ah this darling, darling coat. It's vintage from the 70s and I love it soooo much! The color, oversized swing shape and white embroidery give it such a mod vibe and I think it honestly makes any outfit look way more exciting and unique.  I've been wearing it practically every day so it seems like it's well on it's way to becoming my signature item. The kicker is that I almost didn't get it! I was out shopping with my friend the other week and had already bought a bunch of things when I saw it. Even though I was on the hunt for a new Spring jacket I was trying to be good and not buy too much. I wasn't able to resist (clearly) and I'm really glad that I didn't. It was only $11 so I think I've already gotten my monies worth. 

 The coat is originally from Sears and I adore finding vintage Sears stuff -- it just seems like such a classic American brand to me. There's a running joke in my family that my Grandpa loooved Sears back in the day and pretty much shopped there exclusively - maybe that's why I like it so much too. It's really funny to think about my Grandparents visiting a Sears 30 or so years ago and this coat being on the rack! 

coat, shirt, jeans, shoes: vintage
bag: thrifted
necklace: Cactus Flower

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