Red and Purple

blouse, pants, shoes: vintage / thrifted
bag: vintage Dooney and Bourke / gift
sunglasses: vintage Foster Grant / thrifted
earrings: vintage / were my Grandma's

Hi! I've been a bit consumed with things beyond this blog this week.... been spending a little extra time at work, saw Protomartyr (soo good!) on Thursday night and generally just didn't have the time to put together outfits that I thought were anything to write home about. Thankfully a good night sleep and a good session on the elliptical machine can change that! This is what I wore yesterday to celebrate the birthday of my good friend, Caroline (who also took these pictures of me with her camera that is way nicer than mine!). It was honestly thrown together pretty fast as I had approximately 30 minutes between the time I finished the aforementioned elliptical session and needing to be showered, dressed and at the restaurant we were meeting at.

This is a 100% vintage and/or thrifted outfit. Kinda ended up feeling like a casual 70s disco diva on her day off? Something like that. The top is vintage from the 60s and I love the rounded collared, so sweet and cute. Pants are also a thrifted item. I'm guessing they're circa the 80s or 90s? They're super comfy, but I always have trouble styling them as they kinda look like grandma pajama's so they need a very specific type of top to go along with them. My shoes are vintage Etienne Aigner and were thrifted awhile ago; I wear 'em all the time.

I got these sunglasses at Goodwill on my last trip to Boston and I looove them mainly because they're so retro looking! And I think they're authentic from the 70s or early 80s. The brand is Foster Grant (who apparently still makes sunglasses), but they say USA on the inside of the stem meaning that they were made here which therefore has to make them at least thirty years old as I reckon new Foster Grant glasses are being manufactured in China. The shape of them also feels very 70s to me too. The bag is Dooney and Bourke and was actually a hand me down from my Mom's friend's daughter. I guess she didn't want it anymore so her Mom gave it to my Mom thinking I might like it. And of course I do! I don't know what this girl was doing giving away a nice, classic D&B bucket bag like this one, but hey I'm not complaining!

These dangly, lucite earrings were my Grandma's and always my absolute favorites in her jewelry box as a kid and she recently gave them to me. I don't know anything about who made them or when they're from, but I love them. Especially the way the look when I wear my hair just straight down the middle like this. I very rarely wear earrings, but after seeing how nice they looked with this outfit, I may have to change that!

I also went thrifiting to Goodwill yesterday as it was half off day. The store felt pretty picked over, but I did get a few cute things that I will share with you guys in a future post. Happy Weekend!

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