Mixing The Prints

Shirt: Cactus Flower
Dress: Thrifted
Shoes: Salvatore Ferragamo (thrifted)
Bag: Vintage Guess / was my Stepmom's
Sunglasses: H&M (old)

So before I even get to my outfit here I want to say that I am fully, 110% in love with the band Warm Soda. I just checked them out for the first time yesterday and it has been a can't eat, can't sleep, over the fence type of listening love. Just wanted to put it out there. They've got a sorta 70s inspired power pop sound and all their songs are catchy to boot and make me wanna go drink a milkshake and lay out at the beach and then go driving around with my friends all while blasting their music really loud. Come to think of it, that description is basically what I want all my favorite music to evoke. So yeah, Warm Soda's Young Reckless Heart's = really rad. I've listened to it about 7 times between last night and right now.

Now that that has been squared away we can move on. I wore this out to work this week and I was fully mixing the prints here. I'm a huge fan of print mixing, can't get enough of it really. I think the key is to try and find patterns and colors that are somewhat complimentary so it doesn't look like your entire wardrobe just threw up all over you (which could be cool though?). For instance this shirt and dress both have some muted brown and yellow tones going on which is why I chose to put them together. I think other the second key to print mixing is to just go for it and mix those prints as much as your heart desires hah. I even love to do three different prints all together, but just kept it to two here #simple.

I got this vintage 70s shirt last weekend at Catcus Flower (when I was busy showing tons of shopping restraint heh) for just 5 clams. Psyched! Even though it's long sleeved, it's a very thin sheer type material so it works fine for the warm weather. Also! There are people on it! I have been on the hunt for a 60s or 70s blouse with people or faces on it for awhile and this one takes the cake because these not just any people, but they are adorable princesses and princes living in a gorgeous castle paradise in the sky. Word. The dress is thrifted and also one of my new favs for this Summer. I love the super 90s shape that it has going on. Very easy to throw on, but also super flattering and cute.

The little straw bag is also an item I plan to get some great use out of this Summer. As I've mentioned before, I am really into bags with a structured boxy shape to them. This one isn't really a straight up box purse, but more like a distance cousin. It actually was my Dad's girlfriend's in the 90s but she recently gave it to me. I love the idea that she had tons of fun adventures with it and now I'll take it on some adventures too.

And last, but defs not least these shoes are vintage Salvatore Ferragamo's that I thrifted (!!!!!). I feel Ferragamo's are one of those holy grail thrifting items (along with a fringe suede jacket... why can't I find you!?), so I was super stoked to find these ones. While they aren't the exact Vara style that I love so dearly, they are very close with their little bows and gold "Ferragamo" insignia on the toe. At one point I was convinced that wearing these made my legs look kinda weird... I dunno why. I'm over that now though and am ready for a nice, fruitful relationship with these shoes.

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