Overalls.... Into It / Over It

Alright back at it! And on a rainy Monday no less (!!). I've accepted that outdoor photos are now a thing of Summer's past just like cutoffs, beach days and pretty much every flea market, but I actually quite liked how these photos turned out. Just shot 'em in what I find to be the most interesting corner of my bedroom, but now I want to start playing around with other locations in my apartment... the possibilities, man! Another pro of indoor photos is that you don't run the risk of a group of bro-ass dudes driving by, stopping their car and catcalling at you and yelling that they want to take your picture and take selfies with you, because that happened once and it sucked majorly. 

Before we get to the outfit, I just wanted to note that I was just listening to the new Vaselines record and I'm not sure how I'm feeling about it. Not bad per se, but I listened to 4 songs and then decided I'd rather hear Dum-Dum and put that on instead, so that really doesn't bode well for the quality of the new one, does it? Should I reconsider though? Also, I'm going to see Beautiful Noise tomorrow and I'm sooo excited! I've wanted to see it since I first saw the trailer floating around the interwebz at some point last year. Also also Swervedriver is playing here in March!!! Yayyy! I am thrilled. I saw them once before, but in the last two or so years I've gotten way into them and would now say they're up there as one of my favorite of the shoegazey bands... dare I say I like them more than MBV (this emoji)? Raise and Mezcal Head are classic you guys! //end music ramble//

So here's something INSANE.... nothing I'm wearing here is thrifted! Considering the fact that I pretty much only shop at Goodwill these days this is kind of a feat. Also overalls! I must say I'm into the trend. These ones are from H&M and are made of that stretchy denim material so they are super comfy and the dark wash makes them quite flattering. I also like how the cut is vaguely 70s inspired, but mostly modern so I don't look like this.... nothing wrong with that though, Lance: you do you in those khaki's!

I used this tutorial to get my hair like this and it's one of my favorite hairdo's ever because it requires minimal effort and makes subpar hair look hot fast!! Easy, breezy, beautiful lazy girl. 

And finally, I've added new things to my Etsy shop (about freaking time).... so you should definitely check that out!

Overalls, top: H&M
Sneakers: Superga

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