Soooo Cher Horowitz

It's really funny how sometimes I totally forget all about this space. I will be super into posting on here and then all the sudden: poof! My motivation just totally dies for a month and then decides to come back one random day. And so here we are. Part of it is that I sometimes just don't feel like being photographed. Which is totally fair, I think! I struggle a bit with fact that a blog like this could be seen as so narcissistic and self-indulgent, but then I remember that's not what it's about! It's about cultivating and celebrating the amazingness that is personal style and getting to connect with all of the other vintage loving people out there. Which is my favorite part!

Anyways, I took these photos on a whim the other day in my bedroom. As a general rule, I never really liked indoor photos for this space, but it now gets dark at 4:30 in the afternoon so I'm probably going to have to get over that.

This 2 piece plaid suit was thrifted in Indiana and the combo of  the knee socks make it soo0o0o0o0ooo Cher Horowitz. I really want power suits to come back and be a thing again. They make me feel like such a boss! I may sell this one though since it's the third red plaid mini skirt that I own. The socks are from Forever 21 and I love 'em. I have always have trouble finding socks that go up past my knees, but also don't slip down and these ones seem to be working quite well! I got them in maroon and cream too! Loafers are Bass, but thrifted and the hat is thrifted too!


I saw Body/Head last night and Kim Gordon was unreal/amazing/lovely/talented, etc etc. It was so cool to be standing about 5 feet from one of my idols. Gosh, I remember the distinct moment that I first heard a Sonic Youth song. It was Dirty Boots and it was the Summer of 2007 (I was 15) and I was in the car with my Mom and Sister on the way to meet my Grandparents for ice cream. The line "you'll be making out with a witch in a coffee truck" just struck me as the Koolest Thing ever and then I never looked back! She was wearing a Rodarte football jersey in case you were wondering.

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