Inspiration: Ashley Ording x Emily Theobald.... Dream Collaboration

I've mentioned on here before that Emily Theobald is one of my all time favorite bloggers/stylists/personal style icons, so you can imagine my happiness when I saw these photos featuring her and styled by another one of my favorite bloggers, Ashley Ording from Fancy Fine! Not only do I love both of these ladies, but these photos are an absolute dreeeam. This type of soft 70s vibe is what I'd ideally like to look like every day (it's good to dream, right?). Not to mention the gorgeous colors, hair, makeup and that jacket covered in pins! Dying. I've looked at these photos about a dozen times in the last day and can't wait to try and recreate some of these looks with items I already own. I think my favorite look is the one with the high waisted green pants, but it's hard to pick. Do you have a favorite?

All these images came from and are credited to Ashley's blog. There are some additional ones there too!

photos  Johan Santos
art direction & styling  Ashley Ording
hair & makeup  Katherine Sterrett
model  Emily Theobald

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