Palms in Paradise

Hiya! Just a quick outfit post for ya... I'm in Florida right now and couldn't resist some pictures with palm trees... they are so pretty. Sorry not sorry to everyone back home in the cold! I am staying right on the beach and it's about 80 degrees so I've been working on my tan and swimming all day. Wow, I am sounding so annoying right now, 

This is just a casual outfit that I wore yesterday. This green shirt is super cool. It's made of terrycloth so it essentially feels like I'm wearing a big towel for a shirt. I really love the exaggerated bell sleeves on the shirt... feels super 70s to me. Thrifted it back in Indiana and it's made by Jonathan Logan, who according to the Vintage Label Guild, was a pretty popular designer back in the day. Check out this awesome Jonathan Logan advertisement featuring my homegirl Susan Dey!!

I'm also loving my black sandals... my first time wearing these puppies has been on this trip! They are made by Memphisto, which is a brand I wasn't familiar with previously. I went on their website and most of their shoes aren't really my taste, but I think these ones are really cute! 

Alright the beach and sun are awaiting, gotta go!!

top: vintage Jonathan Logan
shorts, bag, sunglasses: thrifted
shoes: Memphisto (thrifted)

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