Denim on Denim

I am currently editing these photos and writing this post from space! Ok, the airplane, but that's probably as close to space that I'm gonna get. There's free wi-fi ("fly-fi"), outlets for chargers, and TV so I am watching SVU simultaneously... that Jet Blue: pretty swanky.

I took these photos before I left for the airport... I was trying to wear something that would arguably work for both the frigid tundra that is Boston and also for going out with my homies in Florida for NYE once I land. If there's one thing I noticed from going back through some of my posts from this year, I love me some denim. And I don't foresee that changing anytime soon... denim pants, jackets, shirts... gimme all of it.

In addition to denim on denim, right now I am also into playing with proportions and layers by putting dresses over pants. This dress here is something I thrifted and I am a little puzzled as to how best style it... is it supposed to be a dress or a shirt? It seems more like a dress, but it's totally see-through so what to wear under it? I think putting it over pants solved half the issue and then I just placed a plain black tank underneath too. Regardless, I think it's a super pretty and unique item... originally from Free People! I really love Free People's clothing, but it's soooo expensive, so I am always happy to find their stuff when I go thrifting!

Anyways, I hope your New Year's Eve was great and happy January 1st!

jean jacket, high waisted jeans, chelsea boots, bag: vintage 
lace dress: free people (thrifted)

I have a plant growing out of my head ;-))

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