Treasure Island

As I mentioned before, I am currently on vacation with my family in Treasure Island, Florida. My Dad and his girlfriend just moved here pretty recently and I naturally jumped at the opportunity to come visit them. It is so pretty here. It really does feel like living in some sort of tropical paradise. I mean just look at that sunset! And it's like that practically every day! My dress here is a little vintage number from the 60s or early 70s that I thrifted in Boston right before coming on this trip. I might end up selling this one, but for right now it feels like the perfect thing to be wearing at the beach. Plus, I am such a sucker for the pattern: psychedelic Hawaiian flowers? Yes please.

I've mostly just been lounging around, working on my tan (ahem), eating, swimming and going to the most intense spin classes ever... can't complain at all. And also doing a little bit of thrifting and vintage hunting (omg shocking). Lisa, my Dad's girlfriend, loves thrifting just as much as I do and I really like going with her. It's nice to have someone to talk you out of buying all those weird, slightly discolored vintage coats and to have someone agree that all those weird (yet awesome!!) 70s, polyester button up shirts that you love are just as radical as you think they are!

On Sunday, we wanted to go visit Artpool Gallery in St. Petersburg, which is one of the dreamiest vintage shops I've ever been too. I first found it when I was here on vacation 2 years ago and make a point of visiting every time! If you are ever in the area, I would highly suggest you check it out.... it's filled to the brim with furs, vintage boots, hats, denim, groovy dresses and everything in between. Sadly, it's a bit too expensive for my wallet, but nonetheless it's a blast to visit. They also have a record shop, a little cafe with sandwiches and beer, and a cute little outdoor patio to sit at. If I ever realize my dream of owning a vintage shop, I want it to be like this one! Anyways, we accidentally drove past Artpool and as we were turning around we stumbled upon the Brocante Vintage Market, which is a very adorable monthly antique market. Fate! And it was there that I upped my growing box purse collection with the two guys below. Ugh box purses are like the cutest things ever. Plus the little house was only $8. Unreal!!

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