Spring Into It

Ah it's been a bit, hasn't it? Gosh I am such a fairweather blogger sometimes. I dunno... I take all the pictures myself and like to have full creative control over this space and sometimes I'm just not feeling too inspired to add any new content. Blah blah blah. But luckily the warm weather appears to be here for good and having the ability to take photos outside is always good for my creative juices :)

This outfit here is essentially what has been my uniform so far this Spring and the Spring before that (and before that) and oh look this outfit is really, really similar to the time I dressed up as Audrey Horne for Halloween. It's almost worn out of necessity.... so done with black tights, not yet warm enough for bare legs (although I did go for that last night...getting crazy), so whaddya do? Knee socks. Knee socks forever man. Does anyone want to start a knee sock gang with me? Knee socks + a mini skirt + some type of strappy sandal.... so easy. So cute.

Everything I am wearing here besides the damn cute knee socks (Forever 21)  is thrifted. This red skirt I've had forever and it originally came from my favorite Goodwill up the street... as did this top and the sandals. Wow I shop there way too much. Sometimes I think I'm the main person keeping that place in business. I'm psyched on these sunnies too. I broke my favorite pair of vintage 70s sunglasses a little while ago, and then happened to come across these guys at Savers (my new favorite thrift shop) and thought they were a pretty good replacement pair! Can't get enough of that big oversized look. My lipstick is Sephora brand and I would highly recommend it if you are looking for a good hot pink color. It's called Love Test!

ALSO! I have now been regularly (ok semi regularly) been posting outfits on here for over a year (!).  And in that time I've been lucky enough to meet some very cool ladies from the bloggersphere, which is by far my favorite part of this blogging thing! :)

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