How To Cover Up Pasty Legs

Took these pics one day after work this week and I must say I really like the lighting situation going on here... the waning sunlight is nice and I find that sometimes when I try and take pictures earlier in the day it can be just too damn bright out there!

I am fully committed to and psyched on the fact that Spring appears to (maybe) be showing its face and am celebrating my packing away all of my black tights and hoping to ever see them again (or at least not until October). However this presents a problem in that my legs are currently a shade that you might affectionately call 'ghostly'. My solution for this problem? Knee high suede boots. It's like having bare legs, but just barely. This pair is vintage and I would guess from the 70s. I love them! The only thing I'm afraid of is that the sole is going to separate from the rest of the boot if I'm not careful. I've had this problem before with shoes from the 70s because often times the glue keeping the shoe together dries out after all these years and after one or two wears it's separation city. Anyone have any solutions for preventing this??

cardigan: thrifted
shirt: Gap (thrifted)
skirt: Ann Taylor (thrifted)
boots: vintage

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