Style Icon: It Girl, Rag Doll

Do you have that one blogger who can do absolutely no wrong in your eyes? That person who's every outfit is somehow even more perfect than the next? For me that girl is Emily Theobald aka It Girl, Rag Doll. I discovered Emily's blog back in 2012 and I was instantly hooked. She's clearly a fellow thrift/vintage enthusiast (which I obviously love) and is able to pair together unique color combos, 60s/70s inspired looks and amazing hair/makeup styles in a way that I just find to be so, so ingenious. Sadly she doesn't update her blog much these days (still on Instagram though!), but thankfully the archives of It Girl, Rag Doll are all still available for perusal. Whenever I'm feeling in a rut style-wise, I love going back through her posts. They are sources of endless inspiration for me and always make me want to be a better blogger and stylist, and encourage me to look at my closet in ways that I hadn't thought of previously. Which is really all that you can ask from another blogger, right? I hope this doesn't sound too trite or fangirlish, but she really is my #1 one style icon. And I love the fact that I can say that about someone who is a real, normal girl and not a celebrity or something (not that I don't find inspiration from celebrities, because I do. Alexa Chung and Kirsten Dunst, I'm looking at you). Here are a few select outfits of Emily's that I love and wanted to share.
(All pictures via It Girl, Rag Doll)


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