Leather and Lace

Happy Sunday! This is what I wore on Friday go out with two of my bffs, Sarah and Colleen. We went over to Sarah's new apartment and ate Thai food and pretzels and then went to this place called Scholars in downtown Boston. It was a bit more clubby club than my usual scene, but I still had fun. It's always fun to dance!

I ordered this dress on a whim from PYLO earlier this week. It was crazy marked down -- only 10 bucks! I couldn't pass that up. It's definitely a bit more of a summer dress with the lace overlay and everything, so I figured that I might as well wear it out and get at least one wear out of it before the Fall starts rearing it's chilly vibes.

That being said, it was kinda cold the other day so I added this black leather jacket, mainly for warmth. I just thrifted this and was psyched as I didn't have one already. It's got a bit of an 80s style to it, but that's ok. I'm a huge fan of the way a leather jacket can give a feminine, girly dress a harder edge. Plus they make you look badass! I am definitely not as badass as I appear in these photos, but I'm ok with that.

Also! This outfit marks the return of knee socks. I'm down with wearing knee socks, but I'm definitely not ready for tights.... shudder. Beyond that, the sunnies are newly thrifted and the boots are Ann Klein (I ended up switching these with black clogs before I went out, but you get the idea).

Planning on working on my Etsy shop today, I have tons of vintage to get up there, so stay tuned!

dress: PYLO
leather jacket: thrifted
boots: Ann Klein
sunnies: thrifted

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