Groovy Shirt, White Skirt, Black Boots

First things first. I just want to clarify that I absolutely did not fall and trip over my shoelaces while trying to take these photos. I am a very coordinated and graceful girl so tripping is just simply not an option for me. The band-aids you see on both of my knees are actually a purposeful styling choice to amp up my outfit and make me look a bit more badass. They are a tribute to the greatest rapper of our time, Nelly. Are you buying this?

I keep finding myself gravitating towards 90s does 70s groovy prints that look like something you'd see on Jackie from That 70's Show or Lindsay Weir from Freaks & Geeks (technically set in 1981, but definitely still pulls from the 70s costume-wise. And one of the best shows ever!!). This is my first time wearing this sweater, but I think it will definitely be a good Fall staple. I can't wait to pair it with more mini skirts and some tights. It's thrifted from my favorite Goodwill in Boston, as are my boots and skirt. I wanted some witchy looking boots so that's why I picked these guys up. I just have to get used to the heel on them! ;)

top, boots: thrifted
skirt: Abercrombie; thrifted
american flag box bag: vintage from the Bloomington, Indiana antique market

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