Is it OK to wear navy and black together? Despite the fact that they may be forever seen by traditionalists (aka my Dad's girlfriend who always teases me for wearing them together) as a faux pas pairing, I really love the two colors together.

I had a super busy weekend and felt like I was on the go from Friday night to Sunday night. No complaints though. It was filled with good hangouts, wonderful people, great music and spin classes on both Saturday and Sunday.

On Friday night, I went to day one of the New England Underground Music Fest and saw a bunch of cool bands like NE Pats, Lair, Soft Eyes, Video Nasties and a bunch more. There is so much great music coming out of this area and it's so rad.

Saturday is when I wore the outfit above. It was about 100 degrees outside so I needed to pick out something that would not only work for the heat, but also for casual afternoon hanging out, and then going out to dinner later. I got this black halter top from Aeropostle earlier this Summer for like 5 bucks and it has been great for warm, sticky days. Super easy to throw on and it goes with everything. The skirt is from LOFT, but I thrifted it. I really love the circular shape and the circle pattern... circles for everyone! Topped everything off with my copper necklace that I wear practically every day, my favorite black Chelsea boots, and a white leather belt. The belt though, HOT DAMN YOU GUYS. I saw it at the thrift store and thought the pattern looked cool so I picked it up and when I flipped it over I saw "Guy Laroche, Made in Paris". Then I just about died on the spot haha. So yeah, I got a Guy Laroche belt for a very minuscule amount of money. This is what thrifting dreams are made of. II know I could get a good chunk of change for it if I sold it, but I think I'm going to hang on to it for a bit hehe.

In my awesome new 70s dress from Swift & Faire Co. Vintage

Finally, on Sunday I went to the Somerville Rock 'n Roll yard sale which is this awesome annual flea market type thing with tons of vendors selling vintage, records and other awesome knick knacky things.... aka my favorite type of event. I look forward to it every year! In a shock to absolutely no one, I made out quite well and getting two 70s dresses in the grooviest print (my weakness!!) and a really cute little vintage daisy hair clip too. Then I went to my friend's birthday potluck dinner which was also SO FUN and a great way to end the weekend.

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Halter Top: Aeropostle
Skirt: LOFT (thrifted)
Belt: Vintage Guy Laroche
Necklace: December Thieves
Boots: Ann Klein
Sunglasses: Thrifted 

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