Beaded Bag and Blue

It's Sunday and Sundays are kiiiinda the best. Yes, the work week is looming, but you still have the whole day to do whatever you want! Which for me right now involves drinking coffee and chewing mint chocolate chip gum (sooo good you guys omg) and listening to Melody's Echo Chamber (also so good and so dreamy). This is very exciting life that I lead. These pictures, however, were taken last week. I need to get better at actually posting outfits in a timely manner. Ah well.

Lately, I've been feeling a little bit disjointed style-wise. I have so much stuff, but I feel like my closet is so all over the place and it's bugging me.... I think it has to do with the fact that it's essentially now Spring, but all my furry Winter sweaters are still around and cramping my style. Perhaps I'll gain some motivation and organize later? I also haven't really done much with my Etsy shop in awhile either, and that makes me kinda sad. A few months ago I was really rocking and rolling with it, but then my computer broke and since then I just haven't felt like working on it :( I've got tons of items that I've bought for it though, just need to get it all organized -- see above. Hopefully I can work on that a bit today because I know once I get going I'll be really into it again. I just never have any desire to do anything Etsy related after I come home from a long work day, etc etc whine whine. Do you have any good tips / suggestions for getting motivated on Etsy?

I do really like this outfit though heh. Lotsa blue going on, which is cool. It's really interesting to me how I've been gravitating towards lighter, brighter colors now that the weather is warm and the sun is back! I wore so much black all Winter and the thought of doing that now depresses me. The jacket is a thrift find from a few weeks ago and it's really cool -- vintage L.L. Bean!! I'm a tried and true New Englander at heart so I love wearing something from a brand that it is so classically New England. I love the light blue color, the rounded collar and how it's a bit of a hybrid between a jean jacket and shirt. The jeans are the same 'ol vintage high waisted Lee's that I wear all the time, my Mom bought me this shirt and the sandals are Kork Ease.

And then there is this glorious bag.... ahhh I love it so much! My face instantly turns into the heart eyes emoji whenever I look at it. I got it at AZ Vintage here in Bloomington and it was half off and ended up being only $7, which is absolutely INSANE for something this beautiful. It's BEADED all around and big enough that I can fit all my crap in it and I've never really seen anything like it before and carrying it makes me feel like Jackie O or something. Gahh I could go on and on about how much I love it. I would say that up until pretty recently, I was much more of a "shoe person" than a bag person and generally would just alternate between the same two handbags: one brown one and one black one. Lately though, bags have been rocking my world. They can totally make an outfit and there are so many good vintage ones out there. I'm not sure what took me so long to realize this. Bag lady for life!!

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