The Sound of Confusion

It was majorly rainy this morning so I had to take these pictures inside. Here is my living room!! The past several Monday mornings have been filled with super shitty weather after a gorgeous weekend. Sigh. Howeverrr, my morning was brightened significantly with the news of Beyonce and Jay-Z's joint tour. Amazing!! I think I'm going to go see them at the end of June. Which is only 2 months away! "Crazy In Love" live!?!? Ah!!

This outfit is my best attempt at "I need to wear something practical and comfy for the rain, but also want to add some bright color, because it's nearly May dammit". Or something like that.... This is my first time wearing this skirt and I really like it. I've determined that I have a big weakness for anything that's black with a floral print and this one really kills it in that department. The colors are just so vibrant and amazing and is a really good item to transition from Spring to Summer into. I am envisioning a very happy future with me and this skirt. I picked it up at Goodwill here in Bloomington. Shocking. The boots are from there as well and are another item that I really love and am getting a lot of wear out of. They are circa the 1990s and have a great western vibe going on. Not to mention the stacked heel and pointy toe make them super flattering. They're boots but the fact that they're low cut around the ankle doesn't make them feel as wintery as some boots aka another transitional piece. I'm realizing this outfit is really just a good exercise in how to put together an outfit that is appropriate and cute for that weird period between cold and super hot weather.

I also was feeling adventurous and wanted to spice this one up a bit with some accessories as well. Both the hat and belt are vintage and are two of my favorites. The 1960s belt came from AZ Vintage and is a relatively newer acquisition. The yellow hat, on the other hand, I've had for almost two years or so. It came from an outdoor pop up vintage market back in Boston. I don't wear it nearly as much as I should though. Need to work on changing that!

What's else? Let's see... I'm currently eating a mango and listening to the new EMA record. Both are really chill and excellent. Wanna discuss the awesomeness of mangos? Hit me up. Hope you have a lovely rest of your Monday!

Note the cuuuute mystery bruise on my arm. It matches the purple in my skirt. Hot hot hot.
The sound of loooooove, the sound of confusiooooon.

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