Culture Shock

I mentioned it briefly in this post, but this Saturday was such a good time that I figured it deserved a post all of it's own! I saw Mac DeMarco at Culture Shock, which is a music festival put on by WIUX, the IU college radio station.  I spent a lot of time at my own college station and my day job now involves promoting records at college radio, so needless to I've got nothing but good vibes and love for college radio.

The show was held in Dunn Meadow on the IU campus, I've barely spent any time on the campus, but man, I've gotta get on that! It's so pretty and reminds me of Hogwarts or something. I went to a much smaller school that consisted of half a dozen or so buildings scattered about on a few city blocks so it was a much different feel ('twas awesome though).

It was an absolutely gorgeous day: about 75 degrees and sunny -- perfect. I was a little late, but caught the tail end of Sleeping Bag's set, who are awesome. Check 'em out! Up next was Tunde Olanarian, who I was not familiar with, but was really fun. He had these crazy dancers with him (who had dope outfits) and had the crowd dancing along. Chill iPhone photo below....

After that two of my friends took me to the frattiest bar in town, where I had never been before. I've now lovingly dubbed it "MTV Spring Break in a bar". We barely had any frats at my college, so this was a whole new experience and I was just down to embrace it. Frat culture is so fascinating to me.

We headed back to the festival for Mac, who was really good. I'd seen him before, but he's always a treat. Full of dreamy, nostalgic vibes. There was also a Coldplay cover involved... haha.

The pic you see of my outfit is one that Caroline snapped (thanks girl!), I didn't have enough time to take a picture before I left my house, but I'm glad that she got one for me. The red shirt is vintage and was thrifted a few years ago back in Boston at this annual event called The Rock 'N Roll yard sale. It's basically when a bunch of vendors gather outside in Union Square in Somerville and sell vintage and records and other goodies -- my type of event for sure!! This top is one of those ones that I don't wear a whole ton and sometimes think I'm going to resell, but then I always end up keeping it and am glad I did. It's cropped too, which I totally love. I realized this time around that it's missing the bottom button though, so I need to get that fixed asap. The shorts are 1970s vintage from Cactus Flower here in town.... they're hot pants and amazing hehe. They also have the excellent designation of being the first vintage item I got in Bloomington! Belt is vintage and taken from another dress and both the hat and cardigan were gifts from my Mom. You can't seem them, but the boots I was wearing are a gift from my Mom too, which brings this outfit up to three Mom-approved pieces. Thanks Mom!!!!!!! And now I'll leave you with a good 'ol fashioned mirror selfie pic!!

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