Minimalist Prep School Girl

I'm trying to get in the habit of taking outfit posts regularly if I can manage it. I took these ones before dashing off to work and I think they ended up coming out pretty ok looking for having only like 15 minutes to get 'em done! Lots of fun things seem to be coming up in the future which is always nice. Going to a ladies happy hour after work with some girlfriends today and then Mac DeMarco is headlining a festival here in town on Saturday, which I'm so stoked for. I must say Bloomington has been doing a really good job of keeping the fun times rolling so far this Spring. I just saw that Frankie Cosmos is going to be playing a house show here in two weeks toooooo -- I can't wait! She's so cool; check out her music if you haven't before!

In looking at these pictures I'm realizing that I'm giving off a bit of a "minimalist prep school" girl vibe if you will. It's interesting because I wore a uniform for four years in high school which consisted of a collared shirt, plaid mini skirt (well I guess it was more of a midi, but obviously everyone rolled that ish up) and knee socks, and I find myself reverting back to that silhouette often. I didn't think so at the time, but looking back the uniform was actually pretty cute!

A good majority of this outfit is vintage that I thrifted: the blouse, shoes, jacket and backpack included. The backpack and jacket are actually new to me; I picked them up this weekend. A good black backpack like this one has been on my wishlist for awhile. All the ones I've had before are just not quite to my liking and to buy one new (well new or "new" vintage stock) always seems so expensive! I was digging through the bag section this weekend and boom! There it was. So perfect with lots of pockets and space. I am a very big believer in the idea that if you want something badly enough and are patient enough, it will find you! #thriftgods

Conversely, there are always those thrifted items that I have no idea that I wanted, but find and then absolutely fall in love with. Like this trench coat, for instance. It's vintage London Fog and I love the blush pink color and long length, which I've been super into for coats lately. It's my Nancy Drew coat! I think she'd definitely go sleuthing in something like this.

The skirt is from TJ Maxx (thanks Mom!), but reminds me of one of the American Apparel ones, sunglasses are from the Cactus Flower, which is my favorite boutique here and the knee highs are literally from the grocery store -- a "10 pair value pack" that cost like 6 bucks haha. They're more like nylons than socks, but I really like how they're sheer with the black band on top -- feels very "Dee Dee from Dum Dum Girls" to me! All my knee socks were looking kinda ratty, so I picked these up with my groceries this weekend. My mom says that I'm the queen of buying everything I need at the grocery store; can't say I disagree too much.

blouse, trench coat, boots, backpack: vintage 
skirt: TJ Maxx
sunglasses: Cactus Flower

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