Ok, so everyone always told me that Bloomington in the Spring is amazing and I must say I absolutely agree! We've been treated to gorgeous 70 degree and sunny weather and I couldn't be more thrilled. Sorry Boston, I love you dearly, but I know you just aren't this nice right now. In fact, I'm actually sitting outside my apartment in a beach chair listening to Ludacris and writing this right now. It's just too damn nice to be inside!! 

So, in addition to this awesome weather today has been a pretty righteous Saturday. I got my learners permit this morning which I am obviously stoked on. I've never had a license before (I guess that can happen when you spend 21 years in a city with a subway and buses at your disposal), but I'd really like to be like every other member of society and be able to drive and I am now on my way! Man, that test was tricky though! Really gad I passed. 

The DMV is right by Goodwill so obviously I just thought I'd stop in to see what was up in the thriting land. Got a bunch of cute goodies that no doubt will make an appearance on this blog in due time... a super cute Spring polka dot dress, an awesome green long jacket, this linen jacket with giraffes on it, a mustard colored denim jacket, some basics cardigans and striped shirts... AND the most amazing of all: a light pink jumpsuit with a zebra print collar and cuffs!!!!!! Ah, you guys it's so good. Totally one of those items that the second I saw it I knew that it was the winner of the day. It's super 80s though so there is some weird pleating going on with the pants, but I think I can make it work. It's weird because I had been wanting a light pink jumpsuit after seeing this picture of Emily from It Girl. Rag Doll but had kinda figured it was one of those things that would just stay as a wishlist item as pink jumpsuits don't just walk into your life every day, but lo and behold there it was today.

These pictures were taken earlier this week when the weather was not as nice nor warm. The dress and boots are both old favorites. The dress I got in like 2010 or 2011 from this thing back in Boston called Mass Market. It was something that was held at Mass Art in their gym and had a bunch of vendors that sold vintage, crafts, baked goods, records, etc.... I love any type of vintage market like that! This particular one used to happen twice a year and I always looked forward to it. I think they stopped doing it though? Anways, the dress is vintage and originally from Sears again! Haha I am realizing I have a lot of vintage Sears stuff.

The boots are from Urban Outfitters and were acquired roughly around the same time: Summer 2010, which was the Summer before my Sophomore year of college. I actually remember the day I got these boots very well, funnily enough. I had seen them at Urban and liked them and then was back a few weeks later and decided I wanted to buy them. The store I was at didn't have my size though so my friend drove me to another location on the other side of the city to see if they had them there (they did). It was like a wild boot chase across Boston! Hah. They're pretty beat up now, but as my Mom would say they owe me nothing at this point! Many good times have been had in these shoes. As much as I love and enjoy thrifting new stuff, it's really comforting so throw on some old favorites from time to time too. The rest of the outfit is pretty standard... my Mom got me this cardigan, rocking my "Mary Quant Daisy" bag and the bow tie is from The Loved One. I love this bow tie; totally adds a little extra vintage cuteness to any outfit. I wanna get it in more colors! 

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