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 Happy Cinco de Mayo! Soon I will be off to go eat Mexican food with some ladies from work and then we're going to see Angel Olsen - hooray!! This scenario is probably my dream way of spending a Monday evening as I love Angel and her new record, 'Burn Your Fire For No Witness'. I haven't seen her since it was released in February so tonight is going to be a treat. The title of this post comes from a track on the record too!  

I know I talk about the weather a lot on here, but it really is gorgeous practically every day with today being no exception. It's 78 degrees and sunny right now. Perfection. It's crazy how much happier I feel when the sun shining and I'm able to wander about in a sundress and sandals.

Speaking of which, this vintage 90s sundress is probably going to be a staple for me this Spring and Summer. It's a perfect fit and shape and I love the slight Victorian nature to the buttons. Despite the fact that I thrifted it way back in the Fall, I've only worn it once or twice probably because it was never warm enough. This dress calls for bare legs baby! No tights allowed. Anyways, little 90s dresses like this one are my bread and butter and one of the clothing items that I ultimately feel the most comfortable in. Try as I might to wear printed pants or kimono's, I'll always find myself going back to a floral mini dress.

The cardigan is thrifted and the sandals are as well. This is actually my first time wearing them as I got 'em back in Boston when I was visiting at Christmastime. Just call me Mariel "buying sandals in December" Wade. Thanks past me! I've also been wearing this vintage yellow hat quite a bit as well. It really adds such an excellent pop of color to an outfit. I've had it for like 2 years so I'm glad that I'm finally getting some good wear out of it. Sometimes I feel like hats like this can be hard to pull off in real life and there's a part of me that's like can I actually wear this without looking like a total asshole? I've gotten over that for the most part though. I really like this hat so I'm going to wear this damn hat. DGAF, Girl power, etc etc yeah!!

other homies in chill yellow hats

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