American Mom Jeans

Ah the "Mom Jean". So polarizing, no? I must say that despite the fact that they're not always the most flattering thing in the world, I am a fan. It's probably the 90s fashion lover inside of me that can't resist them and all their high-waisted, light washed, curve hugging goodness. Speaking of which, this outfit feels very rooted in 90s minimalism, perhaps dare I say a bit normcore even? I feel like for the most part I've been veering very heavily into 60s and 70s mod and hippie inspired looks as of late, but I guess every so often you just gotta bring it back to planet denim on denim.

The majority of my outfit here is thrifted: the yellow silk blouse, denim jacket and the mom jeans themselves are all items picked up by yours truly via various stores in both Massachusetts and Indiana over the years and the black boots are Anne Klein.

And now, making its Dripping Dream Vintage blog debut.... I present to you....The American Flag (!!!!!!) box purse (even more !!!!!!'s), which is undoubtedly one the most fucking righteous things I own. Can you tell I'm currently having a bit of a love affair with it? It's vintage, was purchased at the Antique Mall here in town last weekend, and is just so amazingly unreal. It's octagonal and white wood with an American flag on the top and flag print going down the side. It also has a really cool gold latch and sparkly red, white and blue rhinestone detail at the bottom as well. Finally, the inside has got red velvet trim and a little mirror inside in case you want to make sure your makeup looks ok. I own some other box purses, but this one takes the cake for sure. It cost a little bit more than I like to spend on one item (because I am Cheap with a capital C), but I knew that I had to have it so I put everything else that I was slightly considering buying back on the rack and walked happily off into the sunset with my Flag bag. God bless America indeed. 

What else? Despite the all the America vibes going on in this look, I am currently jamming out hard to this French psych-pop band called Moodoïd. I have no idea what they are saying in their songs, but I am enthusiastically humming along anyways. Kevin Parker produced their EP so if you like Tame Impala or Melody's Echo Chamber, you'll probably like Moodoïd too!

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