Summer Canadian Tuxedo

Shorts, Top: Gap (Thrifted)
Hat: Thrifted
Shoes: Thrifted (Nine West)

Wooow... long time no outfit post, eh? I think we all tend to go through periods of radio silence, but rest assured I'm back in action now. Part of my absence was due to a trip back home to Boston last week, which was absolutely amazing. I was home because my younger sister graduated from high school -- something I wouldn't miss for the world. I can't believe she is a high school graduate! She was also chosen to be the Senior Class Speaker and read a speech she wrote at the ceremony. To say I am a proud sister is an understatement! I also got to see my family, a bunch of friends and visit my favorite coffee shops, thrift stores and all my old stomping grounds. As much as I do like Indiana, nothing will ever beat Boston for me. I miss my family out here!

I brought my camera and tripod home with me, thinking that I'd have so much free time and would do tons of outfit and blog posts. Obviously right? Wrong. I never took either out of my suitcase the whole time... whoops. Ah well, sometimes it's better to just live in the moment and not be so focused on what's happening behind the lens.

I'm back in Bloomington now though, and finally starting to feel a bit more regrouped after a week back at work. And now it's a long weekend! Hooray - and happy Memorial Day!

This outfit is a bit of a departure from what I normally wear, but as I think I've mentioned on here before I have been really into looks that feel a bit more minimalist as of late. I am rocking the double denim look... aka my Summer Canadian Tuxedo haha. Interestingly enough both my shirt and shorts are Gap, but thrifted. I also noticed that yesterday I was wearing a pair of Gap mom jeans. I guess I'm just a big fan of Gap Denim. I think that a good pair of jean shorts and a jean blouse are classic and necessary wardrobe staples. I've had this shirt for like 5 years, paid approx $1.50 for it and have worn it probably close to one hundred times... safe to say I got my money worth. :)

I am also quite a big fan of the baseball hat trend even though I'm sometimes not sure how to actually incorporate them into an outfit without making it look too sporty. I think it works here, though? I got the Corona hat on this last trip to Boston. I couldn't resist it! And to add a little color to the mix, I threw on these red western-inspired booties that are one of my favorite pairs of shoes.

Do you have any big Memorial Day plans? Tips for rocking baseball caps and Canadian tux's? Holla at ya girl and lemme know! xo

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