Hat, Sunglasses, Jacket: Thrifted
Skirt: Urban Outfitters (old)
Boots, Necklace: Cactus Flower

Hey! Happy Tuesday! That's the best thing about having Monday off from work, I think. Not only do you get a three day weekend, but then when you come back to work you only have four days instead of five! One thing I've noticed about Bloomington in the Spring is how hot and humid it already is. Every day this week is going to be like 85 degrees. Not that I'm complaining or anything, because I'm not, I'm just not used to this much heat this early in the year. When I took these pictures at like 8:30 this morning I got so hot that I had to take off my jacket ASAP, hence why it only appears in a few shots. I think I kinda like the outfit better without it anyways. That being said, I love this jacket. My passion for orange jackets knows no bounds these days and this one has got a nice blazery sorta shape and is a very soft faux-suede material. A good layering piece for sure. Slightly too big? Perhaps, but that's ok. I thrifted this; it's not vintage or anything exciting like that.

I got these boots this weekend and holy crap I love them. They're from Cactus Flower, which is probably my favorite vintage store in town, and were only $16, which is sorta insane for boots this pretty -- they're real leather too! I'm in love and don't want to ever wear any other footwear ever again. But fo' relz this time. I'm trying to be better about only buying clothes that I absolutely love and not just a lot of things that I like, but don't love. The only problem is I love everything. Sigh. I did show some shopping restraint this weekend because the Cactus Flower also had this pair of super rad heeled loafers in a similar buttery brown leather color that I really liked too. I've been looking for a pair like them recently, but I really wanted the boots and told myself that I had to pick one and I could go back for the other in a week if I still wanted them. I went with the boots, but clearly I'm still thinking about the loafers, so I very well may go get them this weekend. We shall see. Perhaps something else will strike my fancy between now and then. Like a straw hat. I really want a good straw boater hat.

Also, I cannot stop listening to Angel Olsen. Ugh she's just so perfect. Her record Burn Your Fire For No Witness is one of my favorites of the year. And not just one that I listened to twice and liked but then forgot about a week later, but one that I keep consistently coming back to at all different times -- that's how I know I really like it. I've been exploring some of her other stuff too and reaally love the song "Sweet Dreams" which is off of the Sleepwalker 7'. I just can't get enough of her mopey and fuzzy, dissonant folk-rock. Just makes me feel all of my feeeelings. Suggestions for other music in this vein? HMU.

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